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Organisational support

We have specialist knowledge and expertise that local authorities can draw from to help in their operations. 

Our Organisational Support Pillar provides professional support to local authorities in their internal operations and aims to facilitate the development of best practice within the sector.

Some of the main areas in which LGMA offers support include human resource management, industrial relations, ICT, corporate affairs, finance, and procurement.

Human resource management

We provide guidance and advice to local authorities on the full range of human resources issues, including the impact of legislation and employment rights.

We also coordinate supports, initiatives and approaches to facilitate effective human resource practices across the sector and advise on compliance matters and issues such as equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We worked with local authorities to develop a People Strategy for the Local Authority sector and are supporting on its implementation. The strategy aims to enable and empower a motivated, committed workforce who provide quality services to citizens.

Payroll and people management

The LGMA manages the back-office software systems in use in the local authority sector for payroll and people management software.

Industrial relations

The LGMA is the primary management side voice on cross-sectoral issues with local government staff representative bodies.

We also assist local authorities in the research, preparation and conduct of negotiations and discussions with trade unions and staff associations at local level.

We provide professional representation for local authorities at third party proceedings, including Workplace Relations Commission Adjudications and Conciliations, Labour Court and any other agreed mediation, arbitration or adjudication process

Learning and development

We provide guidance, advice, and support to local authorities on how to effectively address the learning and development needs of their employees in order to meet future operational targets and maximise the potential of their workforce.

Health and safety

We provide advice, information, and guidance to support the sector to achieve high performance in health and safety, assist in compliance with legislation and ensure the continued implementation and mainstreaming of best practice


The LGMA develops, procures, maintains, and provides support for several internal ICT systems in use in the local government sector.

Some of the LGMA systems currently in use in the local authority sector include:

  • The Register of Electors, which enables the back-office maintenance of the Electoral Register in each local authority
  • Check the Register, an online application that enables the public to check their own electoral registration.
  • LGReturns, which supports local authority in entering and processing of national data returns.
  • A Travel and Subsistence system, which enables staff to submit their travel and subsistence claims for approval.

Corporate affairs and procurement

We have teams who work with local authorities in relation to corporate affairs and procurement matters. This includes providing advice on issues such as data protection and FOI, engagement with elected members, procurement responsibilities and good practice.


The LGMA engages with the local authority sector and externally with government and others in relation to local government finance matters. We also manage the back-office financial management ICT systems in use in the local authority sector.