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Local authorities continue to deliver improved performance and efficiency

Indicators show local authorities continue to deliver

The Local Authority Performance Indicator Report 2017 presents the performance of local authorities for a wide range of services. The performance indicators are categorised by local government functions: housing, roads, water, waste/environment, planning, fire services, library/recreational, youth/community, corporate, finance and economic development.

Key findings include:

2,532 new social homes added to stock in 2017 – a 43% increase in new additions
The number of new buildings notified to local authorities grew by 34% in 2017
€210 million invested in strengthening and improving roads
3,252 new jobs supported by Local Enterprise Offices

Download an infographic with key findings in the NOAC Report
Read the full NOAC Performance Indicators Report for 2017

Commenting on the report, Peter Carey, Chair of the County and City Management Association (CCMA) and Chief Executive of Kildare County Council said:

“As the NOAC Report demonstrates, local authorities have a very wide remit, which has been further expanded in recent years. We are a reforming sector, continually seeking ways to improve our performance in the provision of local services and meeting the needs of our citizens. The indicators provide local authorities with an opportunity to assess their performance, and to identify where improvements might be made.

“Housing is one of the major challenges facing Ireland at the moment, and local authorities are at the forefront in addressing this challenge, in line with the Rebuilding Ireland action plan. As the figures released today show, local authorities are making significant progress in this area with the number of social housing units delivered by the sector in 2017 increasing by 43% on the previous year.

“As the report notes, local authorities provide social housing in a number of ways including through the delivery of support mechanisms such as HAP and by playing a strategic role in managing the delivery of social housing in collaboration with other bodies. We are ramping up activity across all areas, determined to deliver very necessary solutions.”