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Avoid a real horror this Halloween

Celebrate safely at one of hundreds of local family-friendly events this Halloween!

Local authorities are advising that you can have fun and stay safe by attending a family-friendly event in your area this Halloween.

The country’s 31 local authorities have organised, or are supporting, hundreds of events over the Halloween period to ensure everyone can have a great time and celebrate the festival safely.

There are events for all ages in towns and cities across Ireland this Halloween, including fireworks displays, street entertainment, parades, food festivals, pumpkin carving workshops and ghoulish storytelling.

Stay safe message

Local authorities are also pleading with people not to build bonfires. Bonfires can be extremely dangerous and there are far safer ways to enjoy the festivities across the country.

Halloween bonfires have a very high cost in terms of public safety, damage to property, and environmental harm. They place increased financial costs on local authorities, which are borne by the taxpayer.

The cost of managing bonfire-related incidents and clean-ups over Halloween runs to hundreds of thousands of euro every year, which is money that should be used for other essential services provided by local authorities.

Each year, fire services across the country respond to hundreds of call-outs during Halloween. Each year too, adults and children who set out to enjoy the festivities end up with horrific and painful injuries due to Halloween bonfires, mainly due to hazardous contents like aerosols shooting off from illegal bonfires.

Over the last number of weeks, local authorities have been following up on reports of waste being stored or gathered and removing waste for bonfires accumulating in public spaces. If you are aware of, or concerned about, waste being stored in your area, you can contact your local authority.

Top Tips for a Fright-Free Halloween

  1. Check your local authority website for details of fun packed and free events that are well supervised – including festivals, parades, fancy dress parties.
  2. Stay away from bonfires to avoid risks to your safety from explosive and highly flammable materials which could cause you serious permanent injuries.
  3. Adults should accompany younger children when Trick or Treating and attending festivals.
  4. ‘Trick or Treaters’ should add reflective material to their costumes and carry torches to improve visibility to drivers and cyclists.
  5. Ensure candles / Jack-o’-lanterns are only in areas where you can watch their progress.
  6. Do not buy, use or supply fireworks – for everyone’s safety including your own.
  7. Please dispose of waste responsibly and do not leave materials such as old tyres or furniture in places where they could be targeted for bonfire collections.
  8. Be extra careful near flames, cigarettes or candles when wearing costumes and wigs, which are often made of highly flammable fabrics. Always check Halloween costumes for adherence to European standards and British Nightwear Regulations/Retail Consortium Code of Practice.
  9. In the event of an emergency, call 999/112 immediately

To find out about Halloween events in your area visit your local authority website or social media or check in your local public library.