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Work with us

Working with the LGMA gives you the opportunity to gain wide experience and to make a real difference for local authorities in Ireland.

Careers don’t have to be linear, and we’ll help you find your own path.

Regardless of your role with the Agency, you can be sure your work will have an impact and make a difference nationally, for individuals, businesses, and the wider community.

What we can offer you

We offer excellent benefits to our employees.

  • You will be paid according to an incremental salary scale and we offer excellent career progression opportunities.
  • We are committed to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities so that you can develop to your full potential.
  • We offer a friendly, supportive work environment and the chance to work in multi-disciplinary teams and gain exposure to a variety of areas.
  • All employees are members of a public service pension scheme. First time entrants to the public service join the Single Public Service Pension Scheme.
  • A healthy work-life balance is important to us; we offer generous annual leave as well as flexible working hours, a variety of special leave options and we are currently piloting an Agile Working Programme.
  • We offer paid maternity/adoptive leave and paternity leave.
  • We offer paid sick leave, in line with the public service sick leave scheme.
  • We support a range of other leave options including parental leave, carers’ leave, study leave and a shorter working year scheme.
  • Employees are actively encouraged to pursue education opportunities through our Education Assistance Scheme.
  • We offer comprehensive employee occupational health and wellbeing programme including an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which offers free confidential counselling support and referral for those with personal or work-related difficulties, health screening, health and nutrition advice and wellbeing talks.
  • As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to implementing equal opportunities in all our employment policies and procedures.
  • We are based in Dublin city centre, close to all public transport and we provide access to the Cycle to Work Scheme and the Tax Saver Scheme, to reduce your commuting costs.
  • We offer a salary savings scheme.

Our values

Local Government Focued

Local government focused

The LGMA will place local government at the centre of our activities



The LGMA will focus on offering 3-5 year strategic planning, addressing coming challenges and opportunities



The LGMA will lead and work with local authorities and other stakeholders to bring about positive change for the sector



The LGMA will promote an ethos of collaborative working



The LGMA will embrace new ideas, new practices and technologies in order to advance and develop the sector in a forward-thinking way



The LGMA will be accountable and responsible for all its decisions



The LGMA values our employees and secondees and strives to build a flexible, knowlegable and resilient workforce

General information for applicants to the LGMA

Receipt of application

Applications must be submitted in the format as set out for each competition. Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure that your application is submitted in advance of the closing date and time.

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Acceptance of application

Before you apply for any position, please familiarise yourself with the job description and ensure that you meet the essential requirements.
The acceptance of an application from a person, or the requesting of a candidate to attend for interview or any other test, is not to be regarded as an admission that such person possesses the prescribed qualifications, experience or other essential requirements. Prior to appointing any candidate to a position, the Agency will make any enquiries it deems necessary to establish the suitability of that candidate.

Contact details

All correspondence regarding your application must be sent by email to jobapplications@lgma.ie.

Please ensure that you have a valid email address and any change of your email address or contact phone number should be notified immediately to the Human Resources Unit quoting the relevant competition reference.

During an active competition you are advised to check your email on a regular basis. The onus is on each applicant to ensure they are in receipt of all correspondence from the Agency.


Any attempt by candidates themselves, or by any person(s) acting at their instigation, directly or indirectly, by means of written communication or otherwise, to canvas or otherwise influence, in the candidate's favour, any officer of the Agency or any person acting on behalf of the Agency, will automatically disqualify the candidates for the position(s) they are seeking.

Eligibility to compete

Eligibility to compete is conditional on applicants, where relevant, having the necessary requisite work permit/visa/permission to enable them to work legally in the Republic of Ireland. The onus is on each applicant to satisfy themselves that they meet this requirement.

Selection procedures

In the event of a large number of applications the Agency may shortlist on the basis of information provided in the application. It is therefore essential that candidates provide full details of qualifications and work experience in their application form. Selection methods may include:

• Shortlisting of applicants based on information contained in their application form
• Competitive preliminary interview
• Online testing of candidates’ abilities
• Presentation to selection panel
• Competitive final interview

Notification to attend interview will normally issue one week in advance. Candidates will be required to attend for interview or any other tests at their own expense. It is not possible to alter the allocated interview/test date or time.

Candidate obligations

Candidates who do not attend for interview or any other test when and where required, or who do not furnish any material or evidence that the Agency may require in relation to their application, will have no claim for further consideration. Failure to furnish any documentation or other material within the required timelines will result in the candidate being deemed to have withdrawn their application from the competition.

Candidates must produce satisfactory documentary evidence of all qualifications claimed by them if required. Candidates have the responsibility to provide verification of the education qualifications deemed necessary for the post. Any credit given to a candidate at interview in respect of such claims is provisional and liable to revision if the necessary supporting documents are not furnished as requested. The Agency may request copies of academic transcripts and/or verify the authenticity of an applicant’s qualifications with the relevant institutions.

Any candidate who supplies false or misleading information in their application may be disqualified. Candidates must not personate another candidate at any stage or interfere with or compromise the process in any way. Sharing information on the selection process through any means may result in you being disqualified.

The use of recording equipment of any type is not permitted at any stage of the recruitment process. Any candidate found to be in breach of this provision will be disqualified from a competition.

Candidates have the responsibility to provide verification of their identity.

Feedback to Candidates

The Agency is committed to offering feedback to candidates.

Candidates Right to Review

The Agency will consider requests for review of the selection procedures/decisions in accordance with the Agency’s Recruitment Procedure.

We will endeavour to keep candidates informed of the progress of their application at the earliest possible date.

Offer of Appointment

Before any offer of appointment is made:

• Satisfactory references from two previous employers will be sought. You will be asked to provide details of two referees at application stage.
• Candidates must pass a pre-employment medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner nominated by the Agency.


Candidates who are new appointees to positions in the Agency will be offered the appropriate superannuation terms and conditions (including retirement age) as prevailing in the public service at the time. In general, new appointments who have never worked in the public service will be appointed on the basis of membership of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme. Full details of the scheme are available at http://www.per.gov.ie/pensions.

Prior public servants

While the default pension terms, as set out in the preceding paragraphs, consist of Single Scheme membership effective from 1st January 2013. In certain cases, this may not apply to appointees who have prior public service employment pre-dating 1st January 2013. Full details of the conditions governing whether or not a public servant is a Single Scheme member are given in the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) 2012 Act. The pay and pension entitlement of an appointee who previously served as a public servant will be established in the context of their public service employment history.

Data Protection

The information submitted with an application is used in processing the candidature and subsequent employment (if successful) and such information is held subject to the rights and obligations of the Data Protection Acts.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive. When you submit an application for a competition, we create a computer record in your name. Information submitted with a job application is used in processing your application. Where the services of a third party are used in processing your application, it may be required to provide them with information, however all necessary precautions will be taken to ensure the security of your data. If you are successful in the recruitment and selection competition, your application will be retained by the HR section of the LGMA.

To make a request to access your personal data please submit your request by email to: dataprotection@lgma.ie, ensuring that you describe the records you seek in the greatest possible detail.

Current vacancies

Head of Media & Communications

Grade 8 Open Competition

About The Role

The Head of Media and Communications will lead the communications team in the development and implementation of the LGMA’s communications strategy and other relevant local authority sector communication strategies and plans. The implementation of these plans includes activity in areas such as media engagement, public relations, marketing, corporate and internal communications, brand management, research, public affairs, communication campaigns, strategic communications and digital communications.  He/she will work to strategically lead, develop, promote and maintain positive and open working relationships with the media, external stakeholders and colleagues across the local government sector.   The role offers opportunity to an enthusiastic and proactive individual with excellent leadership skills and verbal and written communication skills to work on complex issues with a practical approach to communications. 

The key responsibilities of the role are as follows:

  • To lead on the delivery of a local government communications strategy
  • To lead, develop, implement and evaluate integrated communication campaigns to promote the LGMA and the local government sector, using multiple platforms.
  • To lead the development and management of LGMA communications tools using digital and other communications channels
  • To lead, develop, implement and evaluate the social media and digital strategies including the development of localgov.ie
  • To work with local government chief executives, senior managers and other government agencies and departments on media and communications issues/campaigns
  • To work with CCMA/LGMA Committees on strategic communication campaigns to support their committee objectives
  • To advise and assist corporate services and the LGMA Executive team on internal/corporate communications
  • To manage a number of brands that are under the remit of the LGMA and to develop and implement brand strategies to enhance them further.
  • To provide communication advice and support to local authorities on media issues
  • To lead reactive and proactive media work, often to tight deadlines
  • To drive the use of new communications platforms and technologies within LGMA and local authorities
  • To represent LGMA and the CCMA on cross sector communications working groups with the purpose of ensuring that the local government sector is best represented.
  • To lead the coordination of a working group comprising of local authority communications practitioners
  • To lead on contract management for existing contracts and to be responsible for future procurement for contracts relating to communications
  • To play a lead role in ensuring appropriate media management and monitoring
  • Line management responsibility for communications team members
  • To carry out any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Apply by 19th June 2024 @ 5pm

Applications should be emailed to jobapplications@lgma.ie

Click here to view Information Booklet

Click here to view Application Form 

Secondment and confined recruitment opportunities

Housing Delivery Coordination Office (HDCO) Assistant Programme Coordinator

3-Year Secondment Opportunity

About the Role

The successful candidate will commence working immediately to support the work of the Dublin Housing Delivery Group and the four Dublin local authorities to deliver a coordinated, strategic approach to drive Dublin housing supply aligned with the Housing for All Programme. The Assistant Coordinator will identify the key challenges impacting on Dublin housing supply, highlighting barriers, developing policy recommendations and devising solutions to meet housing targets. The Assistant Coordinator will also work closely with the Dublin local authorities, capital delivery teams, to develop the housing pipeline, providing advice on land acquisition, project scoping, procurement and programme management in the context of the unique characteristics of the Dublin region.

The Assistant Coordinator will advise on strategies to improve delivery, including non-traditional delivery channels (MMC, design build, competitive dialogue, PPP, mixed tenure, advance purchase agreements etc.).

The Assistant Coordinator will support the work of the HDCO and the HDCO Coordinator working with local authorities to deliver on their Housing Delivery Action Plans, ensuring accurate housing data is available, advising on delivery models, including non-traditional approaches and collaborating with the Dublin local authorities & regional Cities to develop mixed tenure schemes, including advice on procurement, funding, sales & cost rental strategies. The role involves significant interaction with the DHLGH, other stakeholders such as the Land Development Agency, Approved Housing Bodies, Housing Agency, other State bodies, Utility Providers e.g. Uisce Eireann, ESB, Tailte Eireann to monitor, track, progress and support effective delivery of the Housing for All Programme. The Assistant Coordinator will report on the Dublin Housing Programme to the Housing Building & Land Use Committee & CCMA as required and will attend the high-level social & affordable housing delivery groups chaired by the Minister and other fora as required.

Apply by 21st June 2024 @ 5pm

Applications should be emailed to jobapplications@lgma.ie

Click here to view Information Booklet

Click here to view Application Form 

Housing Delivery Coordination Office HDCO ICT Project Manager - (Grade 8 Analogous)

3-Year Secondment Opportunity

About The Role

The successful candidate will be required to work with the 31 local authorities and the various stakeholders to provide oversight on sectoral performance with reference to the management, collection, coordination and dissemination of comprehensive information and data on all aspects of housing delivery.
The ICT Programme Manager will lead and direct a strategic programme of work to design, deliver and enhance ICT / digital services and have extensive hands-on experience in the analysis, design, development and management of ICT systems. They will have responsibility for the implementation of best practice in ICT project management, including the delivery and operation of ICT infrastructure, systems and protocols. This includes programme tracking, real time data capture, risk assessment and management of communication with various utili-ties related to the Housing for All Programme and any other housing related programmes.
The role includes but is not limited to the following: -
• Advise on the design, architecture, management and provision of ICT systems, business intelligence and analysis services.
• Explore, recommend, implement and operate data capture and management systems for all housing delivery streams including, social, affordable,mixed tenure, accelerated delivery, active land management, energy retrofit and asset management programmes.
• Input into housing data capture and programme management in con-junction with DHLGH and ongoing oversight of delivery against targets ona national basis.
• Determine the needs for development of best practice in relation to ICT systems for housing delivery and work collaboratively with cross-depart-mental / cross organisational teams in relation to shared / common ser-vices, data sharing and integration in line with national and local govern-ment digital strategies.
• Contribute to the development of change management policies and procedures and proactively identify high risk change activity for mitigation.
• Carry out and commission capital cost project appraisal for ICT projectsin line with government guidelines.
• Provide support and advice on scoping of ICT projects and the procure-ment of any supporting reports of a technical or financial nature where necessary and any supports needed for design team services.
• Advice on project management, project governance, risk management, fi-nancial management, budgetary controls and procedures, produce a pro-ject Risk Register and Risk Mitigation Plans for all potential high-impact risks.
• Support the ongoing review and continuous improvement of the housing delivery programmes through the design and development of appropriate ICT reporting tools and key performance indicators.
• Liaise and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in local authorities,CCMA, HBLU, DHLGH, AHBs, Housing Agency, LDA and other government departments and agencies on matters of mutual interest with particular reference to streamlining reporting, data capture and analysis to inform the development of policy positions on matters related to sectoral ICT
• Support the implementation of national ICT solutions related to housing delivery, supply and management, including the implementation of the DHLGH ICT System ‘Project Díon’.

Apply by 21st June 2024 @ 5pm

Applications should be emailed to jobapplications@lgma.ie

Click here to view Information Booklet

Click here to view Application Form

Housing Delivery Coordination Office (HDCO) Project Manager 

Procurement & Projects Coordinator - (Grade 8 Analogous)

3-Year Secondment Opportunity

About the Role

This competition is being held to recruit a Project Manager in the HDCO, forproject management services including responsibility for the coordination of procurement activities associated with Social and Affordable housing, in the Housing Delivery Co-ordination Office on a secondment basis for a minimumperiod of 3 years.
The Project Manager will report directly to the Programme Co-ordinator and the Assistant Programme Coordinator of the HDCO and will, as part of the general project management service, be tasked with co-ordinating and advising on the various procurement processes required by local authorities in the delivery of social and affordable housing elements of the Housing for All programme. The successful candidate will join a team of project managers in the HDCO to work with all local authorities, Government Departments, Approved Housing Bodies, external stakeholders including the LDA, HA, and the Office of Government Procurement and joint venture partners to maximise the efficient delivery of sustainable housing solutions aimed at achieving the targets set out in the Housing for All programme and any target amendments. The successful candidate will be required to work closely with local authorities and the various stakeholders to provide oversight on sectoral performance with particular reference to management, collection, co-ordination and provision of advice on best practice approaches to procurement and project management of social, affordable and mixed-tenure housing delivery and to provide expert guidance and advice to the sector to help overcome obstacles and barriers to delivery. The role of the office includes but is not limited to the following:

Advising the sector on best practice in the procurement and delivery of:-
(i) social housing
(ii) affordable and mixed tenure housing
(iii}Cost Rental
(iv) Competitive Dialogue
(v} PPP
(vi)Joint Venture
(vii) Expressions of Interest for Land & Properties
(viii} Frameworks
(ix)Any other system of procurement developed or in development

  • Providing advice and guidance on procuring design consultants, design and build tendering processes, public works contracts and development agreements.
  • Supporting Local authorities in their engagement and collaboration with joint venture partners, public private partnerships.
  • Supporting and assisting Local authorities with appropriate and specialised skill sets such as procurement frameworks, dynamic purchasing systems and Legal advice regarding procurement.
  • Having a clear understanding of the ask of the sector and related challenges/blockages/deficits and how to address these directly or in collaboration.
  • Having the ability to collect and collate real time credible data on delivery and messaging of same.
  • Working closely with the CCMA Housing, Building & Land Use Committee, Housing Agency, LDA, DHLGH, OGP and LGOPC and other stakeholders.
  • Identifying, coordinating and providing relevant training programmes.
  • Supporting the Programme Coordinator, Assistant Programme Coordinator and Project Managers to address queries, prepare and input into reports.
  • Assisting Local Authorities to accelerate procurement routes where possible
  • Creating and Leading a Procurement & Project Management technical forum to seek efficiencies and to discuss and address real-time issues affecting delivery.
  • Responsibility for the implementation of best practice in project management for the delivery of the housing programme including procurement, programme tracking, management of the critical path of construction projects and interaction with the various utilities/ contractors/sub-contractors who deliver schemes as part of Housing for ALL
  • Proactively develop and deliver procurement advice and support.
  • Develop standardised templates and proforma documents (such as Invitation to Tender, Suitability Assessment Questionnaire, easy-to navigate checklists and guidance.
  • Improve the efficiency and wider use of frameworks for example, based
    size, geographical Location etc.

Apply by 21st June 2024 @ 5pm

Applications should be emailed to jobapplications@lgma.ie

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