Office for Local Authority Management

The Local Government Management Agency provides a range of services to the County & City Management Association (CCMA) through the Office for Local Authority Management (OLAM) including:

  • Provision of analysis and research on aspects of local government;
  • Representing the views of the local authority system externally - to the media and to other interested parties;
  • Providing information on the work of local authorities – through Reports, Factsheets, Press Releases and DVD;
  • Reporting annually to the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government on the performance of local authorities on 42 Service Indicators;
  • Engaging with other relevant organisations e.g. the Department of Environment Community and Local Government, the Department of Transport, other local government representative associations, IBEC, Chambers of Commerce Ireland, Office of the Ombudsman etc;
  • Provision of headquarters facility for the County and City Management Association (CCMA)
  • Provision of support to the committees of the CCMA

The work of the CCMA itself is carried out through a series of committees - each involved in a specific aspect of the work of local authorities. At present there are committees for:

  • Economic, Enterprise & Tourism Development
  • Environment, Climate Change & Emergency Planning
  • Finance
  • Housing, Social and Community
  • Land Use and Transportation
  • Water


For further information please contact:

Office for Local Authority Management, Local Government Management Agency, 35 – 39 Ushers Quay, Dublin 8