Libraries Development manages ENFO, the national environmental information service. In this role, the team manages and develops the online environmental content, and establishes and supports a network of ENFOpoints providing environmental information within local library branches across the country. Libraries Development also provides training and guidance to library staff in setting up the ENFOpoints and provides ongoing support and advise to the established services.

Resources in the ENFOpoints include:

  • access to www.enfo.ie with its large collection of information, posters, leaflets, exhibitions, audio and video material, and daily environmental news and event listings
  • access to a wide range of books on environmental topics from the library’s own collection and from the collections of all the public libraries in Ireland through www.borrowbooks.ie
  • exhibitions, workshops and talks with local and national experts on topics from how climate change will affect your area to learning about the wildlife in your hedgerows
  • information for primary and secondary students to support the curriculum and their project work, with talks in schools and class visits to the library

The ENFO online content has been created in collaboration with the Department for the Environment, Community and Local Government, the Environmental Protection Agency and university environmental departments. The content is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. The online service at www.enfo.ie includes downloadable versions of ENFO fact sheets, field guides, posters, exhibitions and education supports. Clear, authoritative information on each of the most popular environmental topics in Ireland is available with accompanying photos, illustrations and videos on the site. It also offers services to search across the environmental sections of the websites of all public authorities, as well as across a broad spectrum of related websites both nationally and internationally. This allows users to benefit from a single point of contact while interrogating a large number of websites. A similar multi-site “News” search is available on the ENFO site, which aggregates RSS feeds and news information from many relevant websites. An environmental query service is also provided, where environment-related queries are routed to the most qualified personnel at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, the Environmental Protection Agency and relevant local authorities.

Web: www.enfo.ie and www.askaboutireland.ie
Email: librariesdevelopment@lgma.ie