Development Team

The LGMA Development Team have designed and implemented a number of applications used widely in the Local Government sector including Online Expenses, CheckTheRegister and Low Value Purchase Card systems. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the Electoral Register and Planning systems.

Highlighted Projects:


The eReturns system, originally developed by the LGMA as a Data Warehouse for shared data across the Local Government Sector, has recently been upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The Data Cubes, created from integration with multiple local authority business systems, are used on an annual basis by central departments to create statistical views of local government activity for dashboards, reporting and Indicators.


This application is used in all sites to maintain a database of electors who are eligible to vote in any elections. It allows for the generation of a Register of Electors on an annual basis and facilitates the Claims Court process and the production of Polling Cards etc.


This is an online application that allows members of the public check if they are correctly registered on the Register of Electors. It is populated on an on-going basis by each LA.  To Check the Register click Here


iPlan is the planning application for the management of the planning process in local authorities.


The LVPC system supports the administration of the purchasing activity on the Low Value Purchase Cards. It presents the details for allocation and posting the GL07 seamlessly into Agresso FMS. Version 3.3 is now available which offers some enhancements  e.g. recording of fuel purchases, posting summary expenditure data to supplier accounts and some further changes to the interface to improve end-user functionality.