Bureau Services

The LGMA provides a National Shared Service central Data Bureau on behalf of the Local Authority sector for the Household Charge, the Non Principle Private Residence (NPPR) charge and the Protect Our Water charge.

The data bureau provides a full call centre to the public which provides both phone and email advice and assistance as follows:

  1. Liability Queries around payment of the charge.
  2. Assistance to those paying the charge online.
  3. Support to the public around late payment fees, completion of the data entry forms, payment issues and other Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Email support from the public


The bureau operation processes all the Household Charge, NPPR and Protect Our Water data entry forms. The forms are received directly from the public through a P.O. Box address or indirectly from the Local Authorities.

The role of the data bureau is;

  1. Post Sorting Office - for the secure opening of the post received.
  2. Logging of Post – all post received must be independently logged and name recorded.
  3. Processing & Data Entry – entering of the data into the online system and processing payments.
  4. Reconciliation & Lodgements – reconciling all payments lodged to system with those processed.

Highlighted Projects

Household Charge

The Household Charge is an annual charge introduced by the Local Government (Household Charge) Act 2011 which is payable by owners of residential property. It is a matter for owners of residential properties to register and pay the Household Charge on or after the 1st of January 2012.

The LGMA operate the Household Charge as a Shared Service for the local authority sector. The LGMA provide all the elements of the Household Charge System, the online registration system, call centre, data processing and hosting.


The Local Government (Charges ) Act 2009 introduced a €200 charge for owners of Non Principle Private Residence. The LGMA were tasked with the system delivery of the online system for the collection of the €200 charge applied to non principle private residences. The LGMA developed the system and further enhanced it to provide for multiple year collection of the charge. The NPPR online application is hosted and managed by the LGMA.

Domestic Waste Water Treatment  Systems Registrations

LGMA received over 420,000 registrations from owners of Domestic Waste Water Treatment  Systems by the February 1st 2013 deadline, representing  85% of the estimated number of such systems.  Certificates of registration are currently being issued to property owners.  Owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems are required to register their systems in accordance with the Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Registration) Regulations 2012.  Completed registration forms can be returned to local authorities or to Protect Our Water, along with the €50 registration fee.