Highlighted Projects:

Cloud Planning

The LGMA originally developed the Cloud Planning Application, in consultation with Microsoft, as an early pilot of Microsoft Azure. The Cloud application was built to take planning application data into a central place, where the public could view multi-county data, mapping and scanned images in a secure and robust fashion.  When the pilot concluded, LGMA took the application and completed it for a non-cloud, hosted environment.

Intranets and Extranets

The LGMA has been using Microsoft SharePoint for a number of years to develop standard approaches to documentation and applications for the Intranet and Extranets across Local Government. In recent times research has taken Intranet applications such as Expenses to more than the local government sector, and the applications are becoming Browser independent with a view to being operating system independent, Open XML and Open Data compliant.

Generic Intranet

The Generic Intranet is made up of a number of applications which are used by Local Authorities including:
Expenses – this application is widely used to  calculate and record travel and subsistence expenses to staff members. The actual payments of these expenses are done through Agresso. All expenses claimed are assigned a Ledger Code and this facilitates the budget updating within Agresso. The application has also now been linked with Core HR to avoid duplication in the recording and maintenance of employee's details.
Phone Book– This application provides easy access to the phone number and email address of employees. Other non-personal Staff Details can also be accessed via this application. These would include Department, Job Title, Location/Office, Stand In etc.
Meetings – This application allows easy oversight of the details of all meetings booked for a selected date. The meeting is booked through Microsoft Office Outlook interface.


This service based on Microsoft SharePoint is used by a number of local authorities and central government agencies as a public facing web site or for collaboration purposes.  It allows users to collaborate on documents, discussions, tasks etc. in a secure environment.