Identification and delivery of business benefits through the provision of ICT projects within the business area. Liaison with the Local Authorities and relevant National Bodies in developing agreement on appropriate standards and common processes for the business area across the sector.

Highlighted Project :

Pavement Management System

The development and implementation of a Pavement Management System (PMS) for Local Authorities. This was a key recommendation of the Non-National Road Needs Study (2005). After detailed consideration it was recommended that the optimal solution was to develop the MapRoad GIS package (which Local Authorities would already have) to provide increased functionality. Specifically the PMS system would address the following requirements:

  • The need to demonstrate effective investment and the resulting benefits of such investment on the road network as set out in the 2005 Department of Finance document ‘Guidelines for the Appraisal and Management of Capital Expenditure Proposals in the Public Sector’.
  • The need to demonstrate that the investment in the road infrastructure is delivering the optimum value for money.
  • Demonstrating the need for investment to maintain the value in the road asset.
  • Increased reporting requirements of the NRA and Department of Transport.
  • Manage Local Authority expenditure on roads and retain a history of that expenditure.

The project is funded by the department of Transport and the governance structure is comprised of representatives from the: LGMA, Department of Transport, the NRA and local authorities (under the auspices of the LUTS group of the CCMA).

Implementation of Phase 1 of the project is almost completed and includes the ability to record the history of Works Interventions and creation of a Roads Programme. Additionally a browser (web) version has been developed which incorporates open source mapping.

Phase 2 development is underway which includes:

  • Import & display Mechanical Survey Data
  • Mobile Applications for collection of Visual Condition Data in the field
  • Creation of single National dataset of Road Network
  • Finance Module: Creation of Roads Programme, Setup of same in Financial System, Reporting / Grant Application & Returns
  • Centralise Pavement Management system
  • Completing the development of the road-works licensing module which supports the processes involved in the issuing of Road Opening Licences by both the NRA and Local Authorities to Telecomm and other Utility Companies, and its subsequent implementation.