Provide ICT systems and services to local authorities to support them in the provision of co-ordinated, integrated, efficient and effective housing services.

  • Develop an overall framework of agreed standards and common processes which underpin local decision-making and autonomy within overall national policies.
  • In conjunction with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and local authorities, streamline the provision of the statistical data and MIS necessary for the monitoring and evaluation of current and future policies.
  • Assist local authorities in utilising ICT for accessible communication and information provision to the public on housing services and online integrated customer services.


  • Co-ordination of the support and maintenance of the various ICT systems provided to local housing authorities.
  • Provision of a forum for consultation, discussion and agreement on appropriate standards and consistency in customer services including Business Process Improvements.
  • Provision of facilities to enable the electronic transmission and management of statistical information between local authorities and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, currently delivered via eReturns.
  • To work with housing practitioners and Heads of Information Systems in the identification and development of an appropriate integrated set of online facilities for housing related services to the citizen.

Current Projects:

  • A major reengineering of the iHouse product, which is the system used by the majority of housing authorities for housing functions, to facilitate recent legislative changes. This project is now commencing the rollout phase.
  • A new facility to enable housing authorities to check if housing applicants have requested housing support from any other state agency is being developed. At present this facility extends to housing authorities only but is designed to cater for other agencies. The rollout of this product has commenced.